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Too often I am frustrated by hearing complaints about Solicitors by people I come into contact with.

The most common complaints are:

The Solicitor never returns my calls... We will return your call the same day, and if its urgent we have a dedicated 24hr phone line, that is always answered.

The Solicitor hasn't told me what is going on... We will write to you (if appropriate) at each stage of your case, and if you wish to see your Solicitor we can make an appointment for him or her to see you. Please contact the office to arrange this.

The Solicitor never did anything... We don't use case workers and as such your entire matter is handled from start to finish by a qualified and Law Society accredited Criminal Law expert. We will sit down with you and agree a 'case plan' at the start of your case; this may include actions by us and material that you will have to provide such as text messages or details of your defence witnesses. We will put this in writing so you are aware of what work will be conducted on your behalf, we will do exactly what we say we will.

You Have A Fair Trial

At Graham & Co you will not turn up at Court to find out your Solicitor is not fully prepared to fight your case, any issues relating to lack of prosecution disclosure will be dealt with prior to your trial and adjournments will be sought where necessary to ensure you have a fair trial.

Our team comprises solicitors and Solicitor Advocates. As solicitor Advocates we have rights of audience in the Crown Court and the Court of Criminal Appeal for appeals against conviction and sentence.

Our team are creative legal thinkers who prepare meticulously for each and every trial to give you the very best chance of success. We are experienced in handling complex cases involving large amounts of evidence and in instructing expert witnesses.

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"We listen to our clients - We call you back and we do exactly what we say we will!"

For additional information on the areas we cover, please contact us or call us on 01227 918436 / 0871 915 2468.

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