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If you have a court date for driving offence there a several things you need to think about.

How strong is the evidence?

Should you plead guilty or not guilty?

How should your case presented to the magistrates or the judge.

What does the law say about your case?

What will the sentence be if you are convicted.

An experienced solicitor will help you though the process and be there with you at court on the day.

If you need a Solicitor to represent you at Court for a driving case then we can help. Even if you are going to plead guilty I can advise you about mitigation and keeping the penalty to a minimum.

What Will a Solicitor Do for Me in a Court Case

Every case is different. Not everything on the list will happen in every case. There will be some extra things that will come up too.

  • Reviewing the evidence from the police or the prosecutor
  • Helping you to collect the right evidence to support your case
  • Giving you detailed advice about the whole case
  • Advising you about getting expert evidence
  • Advising you about pleading guilty or not guilty
  • Advising you about character references
  • Helping you negotiate your way through the court process
  • Explaining about giving evidence in court
  • Representing you at court in a trial
  • Putting forward arguments why you should be found not guilty
  • Representing you at court in a guilty plea
  • Persuading the magistrates or the judge to impose the lowest penalty possible
  • No Substitute for Experience

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